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7 top kitchen trends for 2023

Ready for a sparkly new kitchen? These are the big trends to watch, according to the interior design experts who know.

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Words by: Matilda Battersby


From the materials and colours that are so in right now to the hottest trends in kitchen cabinetry, here's how to ensure your brand new kitchen is bang on trend for 2023.

1. It’s all about sustainability

The great news for both the planet and your kitchen is that sustainable materials are a huge trend for 2023.

‘’Eco-conscious and efficient design choices will be a higher priority in many kitchen renovations in 2023,” says Jen Nash, design excellence manager at Magnet

“We expect an uplift in people choosing more responsibly sourced or recycled materials and quality products designed with longevity in mind.”

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This means choosing natural and sustainably sourced materials, such as quartz worktops and responsibly sourced timber cabinets.

It's all about using durable materials that offer timeless style, so they won’t need to be replaced for a long time.

“We’re already seeing biophilic [nature-loving] design becoming increasingly popular in kitchens as well as an increase in people recycling second-hand kitchens and choosing reclaimed flooring,” says Jen.

One way to act sustainably (and affordably) while bagging yourself a new kitchen is to buy one someone else doesn’t need any more.

Check out eBay or the Used Kitchen Exchange.

2. Strong colours and two-tone schemes

White cupboards, floors and stainless steel fixtures might once have dominated kitchen interiors, but in 2023 we can expect to see brighter colours and highly contrasting textures.

Think sandy, earthy tones that pop in contrast to bolder colours, such as greens, blues, pinks and terracottas. This palette compliments the trend for natural materials and textures.

Expect to see kitchens with pastel-coloured fitted units, with one colour for under-stone worktops and a contrasting cupboard tone for wall units, with lots of natural wood nearby. 

Soft grey is having a moment, perhaps as we move away from white – and again, it offers fantastic opportunities for contrasting with brighter colours.

“Bold, statement kitchen colours are set to make a big comeback in 2023 with demand for ‘green’ and ‘pink’ kitchens increasing by 22% over the past year,” says Jen from Magnet.

While white kitchens might look clean and stylish, colours bring warmth and sociability.

3. Natural materials blended together

Not everyone will want to choose bold, statement colours. And, luckily, the calming tones of nature offer a fantastic alternative aesthetic.

Wood of various tones, finishes and textures, from stained parquet flooring to untreated cabinet doors, rattan lampshades, and stripes of wooden wall cladding are all big trends for 2023.

Unlike white and clinical, this is all about the contrast of textures and materials, and the more natural elements you throw together, the better the impact.

Think irregular handmade terracotta backsplash tiles alongside the warmth of dark oak and burnished brass handles.

“Milan Design Week featured a lot of kitchens that showcased mixing materials such as glass, stone and woods of different tones, creating an earthy and back-to-nature design to help promote calm in your home,” says interior designer at Optiplan Kitchens, Andy Briggs.

The great thing about opting for a natural palette is that you can warm things up with pops of colour. Perhaps a brightly coloured tap, or funky plates and utensils on open shelves?

“Natural colours and materials create the perfect backdrop to swap out non-permanent objects such as pillows, furniture, houseplants, lighting and even seating,” says Dawn Filkins, head of creative at Smile Kitchens. 

“It’s much more affordable and manageable to swap out the fittings around the main fixtures. This way the kitchen acts as the canvas, creating endless interior design possibilities.” 

4. Country kitchens are not going anywhere

It’s a style that hasn’t gone out of fashion for a century, but country kitchens are bang on trend in 2023. And yes, they can look just as great in more urban locations, too.

Country kitchens are all about celebrating and combining rustic materials such as wood and stone with coastal colour palettes, all in the name of practical comfort.

Think Shaker-style cabinets, stone floors, ceramic sinks and a huge scrubbed wood kitchen table for all the family to sit around.

A range cooker sits at the heart of most farmhouse-inspired kitchens, but this might not be practical if you have a smaller space. Luckily, it’s easy to take one or two elements of a country kitchen and make them work in any setting.

If you’re opting for a style that will last into the long term, then farmhouse can be relied upon.

Search farms for sale to be inspired by authentic farmhouse kitchens.

5. Appliances are getting smarter in 2023

With rising energy prices, efficient appliances are critical for all of us right now. And this is set to become a major design trend into next year.

From top performance integrated ovens and fridges to LED lighting at floor and shelf level (negating the need for overhead lighting), induction hobs to instant hot water taps, design is all about usability in 2023 – but not at the expense of energy efficiency.

‘’From smart lighting to the latest cooking appliances, smart technology will be a focal point of kitchen design in 2023. This is also being hastened by spiralling energy bills, which is putting energy-efficient appliances as a top priority for homeowners,” says Jen from Magnet.

As a general rule, efficient appliances cost more to buy, but could well save you money in running costs over the long term. So it’s worth doing your homework. Plus, they can be streamline or hidden within fitted units.

The smartest appliances can be controlled remotely via your smartphone. So you could stick the underfloor heating on before you get up in the morning, or turn the oven on as you’re walking home so it’s the right temperature when you get there.

6. Statement metals

Softer, natural materials might be set to dominate kitchens in 2023 but that doesn’t mean we won't want to consider adding a bit of bling.

Taps, cupboard and door handles, a backsplash, even light switches, offer the opportunity to add a hint of luxury and durability in the form of burnished metal.

“We’ve seen a high sales increase of brushed gold and polished nickel kitchen taps this year, in keeping with the renaissance of Art Deco and period home trends which utilise these two distinct brassware shades,” says Wayne Spriggs, CEO of Lusso Stone.

Choose a metal tone that provides an interesting contrast or adds warmth and vibrancy to a paler, more neutral kitchen.

“From introducing a flash of colour handles right through to full, hammered copper splashbacks, we expect to see more customers embracing the smooth, tactile coolness of metal,” says Dawn Filkins, head of creative at Smile Kitchens.

7. Organisation inspiration

We’re not just talking standard cupboard space here. In 2023 storage is going to up its game. 

The rise of “organisation inspiration” on social media follows the spike in interest in pantries (check out #Pantryporn on Instagram, it’s much tamer than it sounds).

Think huge, hidden pantries, floor-to-ceiling pull out larders and clever ways to optimise storage in smaller kitchens.

The key to organisation inspiration is both in how it’s constructed and how you use the space – ie Kilner jars, colour coding, everything accessible and easily tidied away once used.

“Organisation inspiration” cupboards are perfect for people with busy schedules who enjoy impromptu hosting.

They don’t have to be cupboards, either.

Kitchen islands might once have been monolith-like slabs of marble. But in 2023 look for the ones which are softer, perhaps with rounder edges and, crucially, have lots of hidden storage for you to organise your life in.

Better still, build your kitchen with an unheated pantry featuring external ventilation. This would not only give you enviable organisation opportunities, but save you a packet in energy costs, too.

What kitchen trends are out for 2023?

Nothing is ever totally out when it comes to kitchens. But here are some of the trends we expect to move away from next year:


Clean and clinical has dominated kitchen aesthetics for several decades now, but this is all set to change in 2023 as people embrace imperfect finishes which lend warmth.


Energy efficiency is in. So as wonderful an AGA might look in a country kitchen, the £70 it costs on average a week in electricity means it’s being ripped out. 

Metro Tiles

As great as Metro Tiles are, these were the ultimate in trendy interior choice around five years ago, and all good things must come to an end. Try something rustic or patterned instead.

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