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The hottest interior design trends right now

Ready to rejuvenate your home? Discover the hottest interior design trends right now and how to work them into your home.

Words by: Ellie Isaac

Senior Editor

Real-life interior design is about creating a space that’s uniquely yours. What matters is how it makes you feel, rather than nailing the latest Instagram aesthetic.

And with design trends coming and going faster than you can get down to B&Q, you might be relieved to hear that things are set to be a little different this year.

As we all start to make more conscious choices on everything from food to fast fashion, our homes are following suit.

It’s all about sustainability and longevity, whether that’s in recycled materials, pre-loved items or flexible looks that’ll evolve as you do.

And best of all, whichever trend you go for this year, the focus is on celebrating you and your home.

So let’s take a look at what’s hot in interior design right now, and how you can work your favourite looks into your home without breaking the bank.

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Earthy neutrals

If Scandi hygge has been your go-to interior style in recent years, this is the home design evolution for you.

It’s cosier and slightly less polished, with warmer tones and sandier shades bringing a softness to what was once all-out minimalist.

If you’re up for redecorating, lime washed walls are the perfect backdrop for the new neutrals. The chalky mineral-based paint gives a lived-in yet super elegant look that only gets better with age.

Colour’s still an option with the new neutrals too. Olive green makes for a beautiful washed wall, while pops of burnt orange, mustard-powder yellow and peacock teal add interest and intensity.

As for accessories, embrace the materials and effects of the natural world. Look to raw and organic fabrics like jute, rattan, clay, hemp and wool to create gentle depth.

And don’t be afraid of imperfections, whether it’s in the natural grain of wooden ornaments, battered vintage furniture or well-used soft furnishings.


Celebrate the prints, textures and colours that make you happy with cluttercore, the ultimate anti-minimalism design trend.

Cluttercore is where cheerful chaos meets good energy, with a dash of lived-in mess.

The joy of this trend is that it brings home design back to the person or people who live there.

It’s a way of expressing your interests and personality, and honouring the things that give you comfort and familiarity.

If you’re already thinking that the cluttercore trend is a bit of you, you might have a head start.

Those well-read books, mismatched cushions and haphazard ornaments lying around? The record vinyls, retro collectibles and Nanna's old antiques sitting in the attic?

Dust them off and lovingly arrange them for maximum contrast between prints, textures, colours and eras.

The best thing about cluttercore? There are absolutely no rules.

Back to nature

House plants can instantly update a tired space, adding colour and life without a single paintbrush to be seen.

But that’s not all. Plants help clean the air and are thought to ease depression and anxiety: they give people something to look after and care for.

With many of us living in urban areas, this home design trend can help you feel connected to earth and nature.

So whether it’s about the physical and mental health benefits, or simply giving your interiors a fresh lease of life, use house plants to bring the outdoors in.

Start with low-maintenance plants like succulents, which need hardly any watering and can sit on a desk or windowsill. 

Or if you want to go all-out jungle, Kentia palms, money trees and anthuriums are beautiful larger options for house plants.

Base your choice on where a plant will live in your home. The amount of light and water they need will impact their health, and how you can use pots and stands to showcase their size and shape.


As the name suggests, newstalgia is a home design trend that blends the new with a sense of nostalgia.

It’s a way of designing your home to feel joyous, fun and childlike, without compromising on a clean aesthetic.

It might be reupholstering a retro armchair, adding framed pop art and playing with primary colours, then contrasting them against contemporary pieces and cutting-edge tech.

A great way to build out the newstalgia look is to scour second-hand shops for items that make you smile, or look through old photos to see what inspiration you can take from your own childhood.

Personalisation is key and your take on newstalgia will be different to someone else’s.

So get eclectic and don’t be afraid to make a statement. You can’t go wrong.

Art deco

An art deco interior style is a sure-fire way to make your home feel glamorous yet intimate and inviting.

This design style embodies the age of jazz, with its booming economy, prohibition-breaking parties and new generation of empowered flappers.

Defining a whole era of art and architecture, art deco home design is centred around geometric shapes, strong lines and luxurious materials.

If art deco feels a little intimidating, start with a monochrome palette of black, chrome and silver, or a feature wall of jewel-toned paint or luxurious wallpaper.

From there, you can layer vibrant hues, bold prints and metallic touches to bring the Gatsby theme to life.

Source genuine art deco items and furniture from thrift shops, where they’re easily identified by their geometric shapes and exotic lacquered woods.

Be bold with your art deco design and you’ll add drama, allure and modernism, just like they did in the ’20s.

Super storage

Clever storage solutions make our list for its game-changing impact when it comes to home design.

We’re seeing homeowners get even smarter with storage this year, as they strive to understand the way they live and find surprising ways to make the most of their space.

It might be a built-in bed that saves space but also makes for a cool den for your 10-year-old. Or a desk space on the landing that means you can finally work in peace.

Or even just clever use of shelves and boxes so you’re no longer tripping over odd shoes when you get home.

When you get it right, smart storage hits a dreamy aesthetic note and gives you all-important room for knicks, knacks and everything else you normally chuck in the cupboard.

Take inspiration from tiny homes and compact apartments, where clever cabinetry and concealed storage are perfectly incorporated.

For a quicker fix of smart storage, look to moveable kitchen islands, bathroom trolleys and open wardrobes. 

Or perhaps you could replace doors with curtains, or put awkward recesses to good use with neat pegs and open shelves.

Smart storage will never go out of fashion, and the benefits go way beyond just looking good.

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