Buying a new home is not something you do every day, so the conveyancing process can seem confusing. Put yourself in the driving seat by doing some research first.

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Conveyancing is the legal term used to describe the preparation of documents and transfer of property from one person to another.

What do I need to know about conveyancing?

A conveyancer is essentially a lawyer specialising in housing and is vital to the homebuying process, so it's important to do your research on who to hire and what to expect for your fee.

In these guides on conveyancing we've also included tips such as our '9 checks to make when choosing a solicitor' and a list of all of the possible legal costs associated with homebuying in our guide, 'Homebuying fees laid bare'.

What does a conveyancer do?

  • Carries out the property search to check the rights over the property you want to buy
  • Assists with managing the 'chain' of buyers and sellers. Find out more with our article, What is a property chain?
  • Requests the paperwork from the seller's solicitor, including the draft contract and a copy of the Title Deeds
  • Deals with your queries and checks the contracts throughout the homebuying process. Make sure you speak to your conveyancer regularly if you have any issues or questions
  • Collects signatures. Your conveyancer will send you any documents you need to sign either by email or by post
  • Takes the deposit and transfers it to the seller
  • Lines up the chain and prepares everyone exchange and completion
  • Logs the transfer of ownership from the seller to you via the Land Registry

Learn more about what a conveyancer does in our guide.