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  1. Homes are selling for £18,000 below asking price as the number of properties for sale reaches a six-year high. Our House Price Index for November 2023 dives into the latest housing trends and what it means for next year.

  2. UK house prices have fallen -1.2% in the last year, bringing the average house price to £264,600. So where’s faring worst, and is anywhere escaping the price falls so far? Let’s find out what’s happening with house prices in November 2023.

  3. Sellers are offering their biggest discounts in five years, with one in four offering 10% off the asking price right now, putting buyers in a strong negotiating position.

  4. Feel like three bedroom homes are hard to get your hands on? It’s not just you. An imbalance of supply and demand is making three bedroom homes hot property, and here’s why.

  5. Rents rise 10% for the 20th month in a row, but in London and the more expensive areas of southern England, the pace of inflation is starting to slow.