DIY movers

Taking on your own removals from your current home to your new one will put precious pounds back in your pocket. But being prepared and organised becomes more important than ever.

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DIY Movers

While arranging your entire removals without the help of professionals can save previous cash when moving home – you should equally be prepared for it to increase your stress levels.

But if you are planning to make Move Day a DIY mission, at least be sure to read through our guides to gather some top tips and advice.

How to move home yourself

Declutter: Moving home is the perfect time to gain some perspective on the items we've kept for too long. Throw out or donate the things you likely won't be using in your new place, so you can start the whole process with a smaller load.

Prepare the packaging: Make sure you have plenty of boxes, tape, bubble wrap, bags, and marker pens for labelling your boxes.

Move Day logistics: Measure up the hallways, stairwells and doorframes at the new place so you know the best way to get your furniture in; arrange a van big enough for all your boxes to limit the number of trips you need to make; and ensure you have a parking space available right outside your new home to make unloading easier.

Pack efficiently: Start packing together items according to each room (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, for example) from least important to most important, starting from a couple of months away from your Move. Use the same tactic in reverse when unpacking.

Get your friends and family involved: Give them plenty of notice, assign each person a role, make sure everything is organised and don’t forget lunch and dinner is on you. It will always take longer than you think, so keep it fun.

To save time, stress and money, you can create your own home moving plan with the Zoopla Move Planner.

If you decide against the DIY method, then get in touch with Zoopla’s removals partner, where you can get an upfront estimated quote for the job for free.