Energy bills are usually unavoidable, whichever home you live in. But moving to a new place is the perfect chance to review your supplier and tariff, so you can start paying less.

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If you're moving, you’ll want to know what kind of energy bills to expect when you arrive at your new address. You’ll also want to know whether you could save money on what you currently pay.

Save on your energy bills

Moving home can present a whole raft of unexpected costs, so you want to make sure that you can save money wherever possible.

And, as typically one of the most expensive monthly household bills, energy costs are a good place to start.

Energy-efficiency checks

When viewing homes to buy making checks on the property's energy-efficiency can make a big difference to your energy bills.

Read our guide, 10 energy-efficiency checks to make on a property viewing so you know what to look out for on your next house viewing.

Useful tips include going through the property's Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to see how efficient the home is on a scale of A to G – as well as what improvements could be made.

Compare energy deals

You can also use your Move as an opportunity to compare energy deals and save on your monthly bills.

Your new home might be more energy-efficient than your previous one, but you could still be paying more than your neighbours because you’re stuck with an uncompetitive energy supplier or on an expensive tariff.

If you’re keen to save on your energy bills you might find it easier to track your usage with a smart meter. Our guide, Should you get a smart meter in your new home? runs through the pros and cons of these devices which can be installed for free under a Government initiative.

Cut your energy bills

Finally, you can always seek out some quick wins to save on your daily household energy usage.

Our guide, 11 cost-free ways to cut your energy bills includes plenty of simple cost-cutting measures such as leaving the oven door open after cooking to transfer the surplus heat.