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What would you do differently in your next house move?




We took to the banks of the River Thames, just outside Zoopla HQ, to ask passers-by this question. And their replies were enlightening.


What would you do differently in your next house move?

Anna: “If I could do it all again, I would definitely hire a ‘man with a van’ because my poor Dad had to do about seven trips to London, between the two houses and I had a lot more stuff than I realised.”

Lee: “Solicitors. Get better, proactive solicitors; that’s the number one thing.”

Taryn: “I definitely would have started packing sooner.”

Sarah: “Allow for anything that might go wrong, so it’s not like last-hour, which happened to me actually, once, where it was like a last-minute thing and I was like literally freaking out, getting on the bus, the night bus, with like 20 bags.”

Zed: “You really want to think about, you know, the size of the windows, your curtains… whether they’ve got curtains or blinds. That’s a bit of big deal because, for me, I prefer blackout blinds, so that means that after you’ve signed a contract you have to kind of do a deal with your estate agent, or the landlord, and say ‘Well, alright, can you please put in some blackout blinds?’ or you have to live with not great sleep for like a year or so.”

Jocelyn: “Yeah, getting it all straight, and getting rid of most of the rubbish that you have to get rid of. That would be difficult.”

Irene: “If I had planned ahead, I would have got enough storage closer by, so I could have moved faster, and with less stress.”

Sarah: “I wouldn’t have moved on a 35-degree day; it was quite warm, so I wouldn’t be, yeah, going into a very warm house and setting out furniture and unpacking bags and boxes.”

David: “Getting rid of that furniture was a nightmare, because it was a third floor flat, so we had to get a couple of people to help, and just like get it all the way down to the bottom floor. Especially if you are in the middle of Convent Garden, getting rid of furniture is a bit of a nightmare.”

Nicky: “I had a company that came in for me. And what they did, they came in, they packed everything up for me, and they stored it for me, and when I got there, they unpacked it and they even put things out, so I didn’t have to touch anything. If I had to go it again, I would do exactly the same thing again.

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