Removals: 10 tips from the experts


Dreading the thought of trying to move your whole life from property A to property B? Zoopla has called on removals specialists Anyvan for some tips.

Anyvan – Zoopla’s removals partner – covers almost any type of removal, from a single student room or studio flat, right up to a five or six-bedroom family home – and it’s carried out more than half-a-million moves both inside the UK and internationally.

So, who better share a few pearls of wisdom than the firm’s chief executive, Angus Elphinstone? Here are his 10 top tips.

1. Don’t underestimate how much stuff you have

This is the first, and most common, trap. It’s only once you start packing things into boxes that you realise just how much you own.

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Start with the AnyVan online tool which provides an estimated cost based on factors such as move date, distance and the size of your current property.

2. Be realistic about packing times

Here’s a rough rule of thumb:

  • If you are using professionals, and have hired three men, allow one entire day to pack up your home
  • If you have hired two professional men, allow for at least two days

3. Don’t pack everything into banana boxes

If you’re set on a DIY pack, make sure you plan ahead and get the right equipment – banana boxes won’t stack, and big boxes stuffed to the brim with books can’t be lifted.

If your DIY packing isn’t up to it, the removals team will need to sort it out. This could mean the process takes a lot longer and, in fact, end up costing more.

Make life easier for everyone by packing your belongings into labelled sturdy, taped boxes – and don’t overfill them.

Packing for a move

4. A packing service can cost double just removals

If you want the removals professionals to pack for you too – as is the case with around 30% of Anyvan customers – be prepared to pay around twice the amount you’d pay for a basic removals service.

5. Paying for a packing service? Leave your home well alone

While you might be tempted to start packing ahead of the removals team turning up, there’s no need – if you’re paying for a packing service, that’s what you should get.

That said, if you feel uncomfortable about the removals team handling particularly personal items, there’s no harm in stowing these away before they arrive.

6. If it rains, accept that things will get wet

You won’t be able to reschedule Move Day on account of bad weather but the removals team will bring extra kit such as plastic sheeting.

However, while your movers will do all they can to keep your belongings dry, you’ll have to be reasonable in your expectations.

7. Be honest about difficult-to-move items

If you’ve got an unwieldy item, such as a big statue, be honest about how it was moved – especially if it involved a crane or being dismantled into several pieces.

And pianos will require specialist attention, so be sure to tell the removals team in advance if you have one.

Modern living room furniture

8. Don’t expect Ikea furniture to be reassembled

Ikea furniture can be almost impossible to re-assemble once it’s been taken apart, so don’t expect your removals team to perform the impossible.

9. Make sure you sort parking in advance

It will be your responsibility to book parking bays outside both your current property and your new one. But don’t leave it until the last minute. You may need to give several days’ notice to the relevant local authorities.

10. Treat your removals team well

Remember that a cup of tea and a biscuit will go a long, long way.

Get removal quotes

Get your free removals quote

Start with the AnyVan online tool which provides an estimated cost based on factors such as move date, distance and the size of your current property.

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