You might be accustomed to the monthly household bills at your current home but what about when you arrive at your new one? Seize the opportunity to get a grip and pay less.

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Take advantage of your house Move by using it as an opportunity to take a closer look at your household bills. You may well find you can save money by switching your household insurance, broadband and energy providers.

Save money on bills when moving home

When moving home you'll need to contact your household service providers to let them know your new address.

But it's also a perfect opportunity to renegotiate the deal you currently have – or consider looking elsewhere.

Before the Move, get in touch with providers charging you for the following services:

  • Home insurance
  • Broadband
  • Energy

Why now? Because at your new address, bills like energy and home insurance could rise (or fall) as a result of the size and/or location of your new property – as well as any other changes in your own circumstances.

Meanwhile, there is a risk that your broadband speeds may not be as fast at your new location.

For this, use the uSwitch broadband speed checker to see what kind of coverage is available at your new postcode.

We've also compiled a list of, '7 ways to keep a lid on your water bills' to help you make further savings in your new home.

What happens to my council tax when I move?

Whether you rent or own your home, every household in England, Scotland and Wales must pay council tax, although you may be eligible for a discount depending on your circumstances.

You can learn more in our guide, 'What happens to your council tax?

If your new home is in a new area, then it's very likely that you'll be paying a different amount on your council tax.

You can look up what you might be expected to pay at your new local authority on the Government’s dedicated website.

Do I need a TV licence?

Previously the TV licence fee only applied to those with a TV but now, because of online streaming, the rules are a little more complicated. You need a TV licence if: * You watch or record live TV on any channel * You watch, download or live stream any TV from BBC iPlayer A TV licence is tied to the household and not an individual, so you will need to transfer the licence to your new address. Find out more on this with our guide, 'Do I need a TV licence?'