Life without broadband can be testing so, when you're moving from one home to another, it pays to get organised. It's also the perfect time to check you're on the best deal.

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Sorting out broadband at your new address in time for your Move is a task that’s all-too-often looked in the moving process.

Our broadband guides explain when and how to transfer your service – as well as how switching your existing broadband deal can save money and improve the service you’re getting.

What’s the best broadband available in my area?

When moving to a new house or flat, you will need to check the broadband coverage for that area, as speeds available from each provider fluctuate across the country.

You can use the uSwitch broadband postcode checker to quickly find out what speeds and coverage you could get in your new home.

There are a few things to look out for when comparing broadband providers:

  • The speeds and packages on offer
  • Any cancellation fees for your current provider
  • Whether you want standard, fibre optic or hyper-optic broadband?
  • Any introductory offers
  • The kind of bundled package can you get

Read our guide to learn more about the broadband providers in your area.

Should I switch my broadband?

If you're not under contract with your current broadband provider, then it’s highly likely you can get a cheaper deal by switching.

If you are under contract, then to break it early will usually mean paying a cancellation fee.

However, even then it's worth comparing broadband deals to see if you can save.

We've partnered with uSwitch to help you find a cheaper broadband deal.

How do I end my broadband contract early for free?

But there are ways to end your broadband contract early without having to pay the cancellation fee. For example:

  • You're unhappy with the service provided
  • They no longer guarantee the same speeds at your new address
  • Your provider has increased prices mid-contract

You can find out more about switching your broadband in our guide, 'Should you take your broadband with you when you move'.

If you're having trouble with your broadband speeds, we've also provided some tips that might help you boost your connection.