DIY moving

Moving to a new home doesn't always have to involve a professional removals company. But if you're taking on the job yourself, getting armed with a few tips and tricks will help.

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DIY moving

If you're not planning on hiring a professional removals company to help you out on Move Day, then use our DIY moving guides to help make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Top tips for moving home DIY

In our guide, 'Stress-reducing tips for the DIY mover', we run through some of our top tips to ease the pain of moving without professional assistance:

  • Start off by decluttering your home
  • Source some decent packaging and boxes
  • Mark boxes clearly
  • Measure your furniture and your new home
  • Hire the right vehicle for your moving needs
  • Pack efficiently so you can unpack easily
  • Recruit some friends to help you

We also have the 'Student guide to moving on a shoestring' to help with anyone leaving home for university or moving between student digs.

Getting help on Move Day

DIY moving doesn't necessarily mean doing it alone. While you may not be hiring a professional removals company, you should consider recruiting some friends and family to help you out.

In order to get the most out of your time and to move as efficiently as possible, use some of our tips from the guide, 'How to organise helpers on Move Day':

  • Plan to move early on a Saturday morning with plenty of notice
  • Check the parking situation in advance
  • Make sandwiches for all helpers the night before
  • Keep it fun
  • Allocate roles to each helper

The aim should be to make the job as easy as possible, so that means marking all your boxes clearly and ensuring everything is already prepped come Move Day.

But remember, if you do decide to use the services of a professional removals company, we've partnered with AnyVan to make it simple for you to get a quote online.