10 cost-free ways to cut your energy bills




The average household energy bills now stands at more than £1,100 so anything you can do to bring the cost down has to be a good thing. Try these cost-free tricks.

1. Switch off the lights

One of the most obvious is to switch off the lights as soon as you leave a room. The Energy Saving Trust (EST) estimates you can save £15 a year with this one small action, so why not make it a habit?

2. Cover floors and plug gaps

Lack of insulation will only maintain cold temperatures, leading to a corresponding surge in heating bills. If your rental home doesn’t have fitted carpets, throw down thick rugs on wooden floors to lock in warmth.

The result could be a discount of around £85 on your energy bills. 

3. Nudge down your thermostat

Turning down your thermostat by just a single degree can save up to £90 on your annual energy bill, according to the Energy Saving Trust. You’ll hardly notice the difference and it’s all money back in your wallet. 

4. Avoid standby mode  

When your household appliances aren’t in use, most automatically revert to standby, but this quietly drains energy. You can turn most electrical appliances off directly at the mains, saving yourself around £30 a year in the process. However, digital TV or satellite recorders may need to be kept in standby to function properly. 

5. Time your shower

There’s nothing like a relaxing shower to unwind. But, do you know how long you actually spend standing there?  Cutting down your shower time by just one minute will shave an easy £10 off your annual energy bill. 

6. Don’t leave the tap running when washing up

Washing the dishes can turn costly if you leave the hot water running. Get into the habit of filling up the sink with hot suds instead. And if you have a dishwasher, don’t press go until it’s completely full. Do this and snip a further £15 off your annual bill. 

7. Fill the kettle with what you need

Do you boil a full kettle for just one cup of tea? It’s estimated that three-quarters of all British households are in the habit of it. By heating just the right amount of water you need, you could knock another £7 off your annual energy bill. 

8. Switch to a cheaper energy supplier

With yet another round of energy price hikes in early 2017, how do you know you’re energy provider is giving you the best deal? You could save more than £600 a year by switching, according to uSwitch. And it won’t cost you a bean. 

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9. Employ some humble silver foil  

Silver foil down the back of radiators reflects heat back into the room, preventing it escaping through the walls. Get the best fit by wrapping the foil around a large piece of cardboard and sliding it behind the radiator. You’ll feel immediately warmer, and save another £20. 

10. Leave your oven door open after cooking

There’s nothing like a bit of cooking to warm up a kitchen. But when you’ve finished with the oven, make sure you transfer the surplus heat to the rest of the home by leaving the oven door open. Every little helps.

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