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The REAL renters’ A to Z of moving




Even the most planned and organised house Moves don't go without any hitches at all. So, here are some real-life challenges and how to overcome them.

A is for ARGUMENTS: Moving home is stressful. If you’re heading for an argument, keep schtum, step outside and count to 10.

B is for BINS: Find out the day of the weekly refuse collection. Your new bins are bound to become full and you don’t want to miss a valuable slot.

C is for CHEAP PACKING SUPPLIES: Some things you can economise on when moving, but boxes and tape are not among them. Pay a little more and make your life a whole lot easier.

D is for DATA ALLOWANCE: Even if you’ve ordered it, don’t assume your broadband will be ready when you arrive at your new home.  Ensure you have enough data allowance on your phone.

E is for ENVELOPES: Use them to create your own temporary filing system for paperwork and keys. Mark what’s in each clearly on the front.

F is for FREEZER FOOD: Get it eaten in plenty of time before the move, else it will be forgotten or ruined in transit.

G is for GARAGE: Still not sure what to keep or throw? If you have a garage at your new place dedicate it to ‘Stuff in purgatory’ and decide later.

H is for HANGRY: Avoid this potentially-devastating affliction by pre-packing lunch along with plenty of snacks. If your plan is to buy something, it will be 4pm before you know it.

I is for INSTRUCTION MANUALS: Ask the landlord to leave them for any white goods or other equipment. A Krypton Factor challenge is the last thing you’ll need when you’re tired.

J is for JUNE AND JULY: Moving during hot summer months is hard work. Suncream up and pack a cool-box full of water and cold drinks to transfer to the fridge.

K is for KETTLE: Plug it in as soon as you arrive. As well as teas and coffees, hot water is all you need for welcome snacks such as packet noodles, porridge and soup.

L is for LIFT: So long as there’s more than one, make full use of it by loading up as much as you can, and sending it up to a friend to unload.

M is for MARTYR: Watching someone else unpacking your kitchen can be tough. But don’t try to do it all yourself. You’ll have plenty of time to rearrange things once you’re in.

N is for NUTS and BOLTS: The chance of them getting lost on Move Day is around 80%. Use good quality tape and attach them firmly to their respective furniture.

O is for OCTOPUS BUNGEE: Genius devices, which come with eight stretchy cords attached to a central ring at one end and hooks at the other. Use them to secure awkward-shaped items onto roof racks or trailers.

P is for PILLOWS: Come with many uses ranging from padding for fragile items, to comfort in the front of the van. The cases are handy too for carrying socks and underwear.

Q is for QUEASY: If car sickness is likely to affect you, your kids or even the cat or dog, take the necessary precautions.

R is for REMOTE CONTROLS: You probably own at least 10. To avoid losing any, attach each one to its respective device using strong tape.

S is for SUNDAYS: If this is the day of your Move, check the lettings agent will be open for you to collect the keys. Or make alternative arrangements.

T is for TIMEKEEPING: When’s the latest you can return the van? How many hours’ work are you paying the removal people for? Failing to keep track of time on Move Day can be expensive.

U is for UPSIDE-DOWN: If your boxes aren’t already printed with ‘This way up’, mark it on yourself – for obvious reasons.

V is for VOLUME: Planning a ‘quick’ DIY Move? Tot up the amount of stuff you think you have, then double it. This should give you an idea closer to reality.

W is for WORK: If it’s a major Move, take at least one day’s holiday either side and tell colleagues you won’t be responding to emails or phone calls.

X (MARKS THE SPOT): Moving to a street with parking restrictions? You might need to apply for a parking bay suspension to be sure of getting a space right outside your new home.

Y is for YEARS: On average, people only move once every seven. So, take a few action shots of Move Day with your phone. It’s an important moment in time.

Z is for ZPG: Did you know comparison website is part of the Zoopla family? Now you’re in your new home, get switching to the cheapest energy, home insurance and broadband deals.

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