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Bathroom interior design trends: inspiring new looks

From wonderfully indulgent 1920s glamour to back-to-nature vibes with earthy tones, discover the big trends in bathrooms right now.

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Words by: Matilda Battersby


Make your bathroom feel fresh, luxurious and the perfect place for a relaxing soak at the end of the day.

We speak to the experts to discover the top trends and timeless design ideas for the littlest room in the house.

From natural tones to Japandi style, glorious curves and reclaimed materials, here’s how to make the place where you wash feel posh.

1. 1920s glamour is back

Art Deco design might hail from the 1920s and ‘30s, but a century later it’s back and making a big splash in bathroom design.

Think fluted glass shower screens or door panels, shiny ceramics, brass fixtures and marble floors.

Colourful wall tiles with curvy, striped or geometric repeated patterns are also a major trend for next year.

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“We’ll start to see modern, straight lines replaced by wonderful art deco arches,” says Richard Ghinn, managing director at

“Fluted glass is an easy way to incorporate the trend. Tiles will be eye-catching patterns and brass is increasing in popularity when it comes to fixtures and fittings.”

2. Woody tones and textures

Wood hasn’t historically been an ideal option in bathrooms. It warps and gets soggy when wet, after all.

But with modern wood treatments, there are many durable options these days. You can even choose floor tiles that resemble wooden floorboards but are made of stone.

A key bathroom trend for this year is wooden wall cladding. Adding the texture and tones of wood above tiles can stop a bathroom feeling cold and clinical.

Vanity units made from wood are a huge trend right now, too. Hanging a painting with an unfinished wood frame or a vintage mirror with a wooden surround is another option, too.

“This year, expect bathrooms to embrace wood textures, such as natural wood cabinetry,” says interior designer Juliette Thomas.

“Unlike a plain painted finish, wood textures offer a warmth that makes the space feel more refreshing.” 

3. Mixed metallics

We don’t need Spandau Ballet to remind us that gold is great. Expect to find more of it in the hottest new bathrooms.

Few of us will be able to run to solid gold fixtures. But there are reasonably priced gold-coloured taps, basins, shower fittings and even toilets on the market right now.

There has been a 300% rise in customer searches for gold basins in 2022 according to Tap Warehouse.

If you don’t fancy going for gold, mixed metallics are a solid option. Brass, chrome and other metals also look great and can provide contrast to a hint of gold. 

“Gold basins look incredible and are a great centrepiece for the space. You can complement with a gold tap, or add contrast with a black tap,” says interiors expert Polly Shearer. 

“Brass showers offer a luxe feel without the boldness of gold.”

4. Japandi style

Japanese and Scandinavian design trends have been everywhere in recent years. So it’s no wonder more of us are combining the two and bathrooms are a great place to start.

The functional pale wood interiors of Scandinavia go perfectly with Japanese-inspired darker stained wood and clean lines.

In bathrooms, this might mean black taps and shower fittings with pale stone, wood textures and bamboo baskets and light fixtures.

“Natural materials and textures are one of the cornerstones of Japandi style,” says George Smith of Swoon interior design.

“We’re talking unfinished wood, bamboo accents, or anything that brings the feeling of the outdoors in.”

Kidney bean-shaped baths are also bang on trend if you’re going for a Japandi bathroom. 

5. Architectural lighting 

Expect to hear a lot more about architectural lighting in bathrooms from designers. The harsh spotlights that have dominated bathrooms are finally taking a back seat. 

Architectural lighting means designing how a space is lit with rigorous attention to how the room is used and its various functions.

The idea is to mix and match the four primary types of lighting: ambient, task, accent, and decorative.

In bathrooms, you’ll need to create a calming space to enjoy an evening soak (ambient). But you’ll need enough light in a bathroom to help you get ready in the morning, too (task).

“You may want to incorporate two different light sources in your bathroom,” says Steven Jaques from InHouse Inspired Room Design.

“A gentle ambient bathroom light for the room with task lighting close to the mirror can help you achieve the right balance.

“Consider adding a window or light tunnel if there isn’t one already, or moving the existing window to a place that can maximise natural light.”

A backlit mirror is ideal for achieving a softer atmosphere for a late night soak, while also providing enough light for make-up or shaving requirements.

6. Reclaimed and sustainable

You might not like the idea of reclaiming materials when it comes to bathrooms. But we’re not suggesting you reuse an old toilet someone else has discarded.

There are plenty of aspects of your bathroom where it makes sense to choose vintage or reclaimed. This includes flooring, wall tiles, vanity cabinets, shelving, storage and mirrors.

Sustainability is the huge trend of the moment. So if you choose materials that are ethically sourced, such as timber or quartz or ceramic, chances are you’ll hit the right visual notes.

Combine vintage furniture with natural materials and colours to get the look.

Biophilic (aka nature-loving) design is set to stay strong as a trend. So be sure to incorporate plenty of houseplants for both aesthetic and air-purifying functions in your bathroom.

7. Natural colours

Right now, bathroom interior trends are all about incorporating a palette of colours inspired by nature.

From sea blues and dark leafy greens, to pale stone, blonde woods, exposed brickwork, terracottas and pale beiges – these colours work in harmony whatever your style.

“Earthy tones such as sandy beige, warm ochre, and terracotta brown are timeless colours which will be popular for bathrooms in future,” says interior designer Juliette Thomas.

“Shades of blue and sea green will also see a rise in popularity. Pastel blue and green hues can be used to create a softer coastal look.”

8. Show-stopping fixtures

Toilets, basins, bathtubs and radiators are essential for every bathroom. But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

“Gone are the days when a simple white radiator was the only choice. Now more and more people are getting ones that fit their personality and their home,” says Shearer.

These days you can find ladder, bench, spiral and tessellated radiators, alongside traditional favourites like Victorian and tall traditional styles that go from floor to ceiling.

There’s another surprising trend developing when it comes to the loo.

“Black toilets are another interesting trend that's starting to appear,” she adds.

“They might feel like a centre-piece item, but black toilets actually work best against black or dark grey walls, where the toilet blends in beautifully with the rest of the room.”

You can also acquire ceramic toilets in bright colours, from yellow to green, with basins and bathtubs to match or contrast with - depending on how brave you are!

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