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How can I find out what someone's home is worth?

Don’t make things awkward. Just ask Zoopla. Here’s how to find out everything you want to know about someone else’s home.

Words by: Ellie Isaac

Senior Editor

We’re all nosy about other people’s houses, whether it’s your neighbour, your in-laws or your boss.

And it’s not always easy to find out what you want to know.

In fact, there are some things you definitely shouldn’t ask about their home. If you want to stay friends, that is.

But if you’re burning with curiosity, we’ve got you.

Here’s how to get the answers you want and find out what their home’s really worth.

1. What could they get if they sold?

Reckon their home’s worth more than yours?

There’s an easy way to find out.

And we’ll keep you in the loop if its value changes. 

So look up their house price. We won’t tell anyone.

Research sold house prices

Find out what a home last sold for or check house prices in a city, street or postcode.

2. What did they pay for it in the first place?

I mean, we all want to ask it.

But if you’re after a return invite, it’s probably best not to mention it.

So avoid the awkward silence and search sold house prices instead.

You can find every historic home sale in the UK. Just pop in their address and you’ll see what they paid for it.

3. How much profit did they make when they sold their last home?

You can’t just come out and ask how much they made when they sold their home.

But… they can’t have added an extra ‘0’ in just a few years. Can they?

Sometimes it’s best to keep your doubts to yourself.

And there’s still a way to find out what they bought and sold for.

Check their property timeline and see what profit they made.

4. What were they thinking when they chose this area?

Feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere when you visit a friend’s house?

You might be surprised.

Use our travel time search and see how close they are to what matters.

Turns out it’s only 30 minutes’ from their workplace, with a top school nearby and a good pub down the road.

Seems like a great move after all.

5. Did they really do all this work themselves?

They can’t have ripped out the entire kitchen? Did they really fork out for that extension? Surely the previous owners left the hot tub behind?

If you’ve ever wondered what their home was like before they moved in, just search for their property on our house price search.

If it was sold on Zoopla before, you’ll get real-life before-and-after photos. So you can see if they really did all that work themselves.

7. Aren’t they outside the best catchment area?

Wondering how on earth they got their kids into that school if they live out here?

Don’t sweat it. Use our draw a map search instead.

Draw a 1 to 2 mile map around the school so you can see if their home is in the catchment area.

8. How much could a place like that earn in rent?

Does their home look like a tidy little investment opportunity? Find out if it actually is.

We don’t just show you how much a home is worth. We tell you how much it could earn in rent, too.

And we’ll let you know if its rental value changes.

Every month.


Search for a home’s rental estimate

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