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The top UK cities for tech lovers

Which cities have the most tech start-ups, tech jobs available, best download speeds and electric vehicle charging points? Let's find out.

Words by: Property News Team

When it comes to choosing where to move to, there are many factors that make a location an attractive place to live.

From affordable property prices to good transport links, we all have our reasons for wanting to relocate.

But, for the tech lovers among us, there may be other things to consider – such as job opportunities in the tech industry and fast internet speeds.

To help narrow down the search, we’ve analysed the number of tech startups, tech job adverts, electric vehicle (EV) charging points, and the average download speed in over 100 locations across the country. 

Check out our table below to discover how each location scores for tech lovers.

The best cities for tech lovers

Overall, Belfast is the most tech-friendly city. Home to 119 tech startups in total, Belfast is a thriving tech hub in the UK and with 149 tech job adverts, which equates to 54.2 tech jobs per 100,000 households, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to tech job opportunities. 

When it comes to affordability, Belfast is a top runner where the income required for a mortgage is just £26,401, which is over a whopping £100,000 less than the deposit required in the England’s capital, London. 

Not only that, Belfast boasts a strong download speed at 79.8 Mbit/s, so browsing the internet is certainly not a problem in this city. 

During the last few years, tech hubs have been popping up across the country. Following Belfast in second place is Bristol which also scores high for tech lovers.

In fact, Bristol has more tech jobs advertised per 100,000 than Edinburgh, Glasgow and Nottingham, with 48.4, so if tech job opportunities are the main reason you’re looking to relocate, this is a great place to look. 

Alternatively, you may want to consider Newcastle – which comes in third place – as this too has plenty of tech job opportunities, with 50.9 job adverts per 100,000 people. Newcastle is also home to over 100 (109) electric vehicle charging points across the city. 

Edinburgh is the fourth best place for tech lovers with a super fast download speed of 77.4 Mbit/s and Nottingham comes fifth scoring high for electric vehicle chargers, with 123 across the city.

Cambridge, which is becoming well known as the UK’s high-tech powerhouse, also scored well in our findings, in particular for its number of job adverts and tech startups in the area. 

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Methodology: We’ve analysed a series of metrics and scored them in order to find the best locations for technology lovers.

Metrics include the number of technology job adverts, the number of electric vehicle chargers, the number of tech startups, the average download speed in Mbit/s and the Zoopla affordability.

For the affordability metric, we’ve taken the average price for 1-3 bed properties, assumed a deposit of 15%, and calculated the gross income based on an LTI ratio of 4.5.

We used Crunchbase data to pull the number of tech startups from the past 5 years. Data pulled October 2020. All data can be viewed here

We try to make sure that the information here is accurate at the time of publishing. But the property market moves fast and some information may now be out of date. Zoopla Property Group accepts no responsibility or liability for any decisions you make based on the information provided.