Selling property can be a competitive business, so how do you make sure your home catches the eye of prospective buyers?

Whatever time of year you choose to sell property, there will always be competition. Summer is often thought of as a more popular season for movers, yet it also follows that there will be more homes on the market to choose from.

The good news is that there are a few simple steps you can take to put your property into prime spot for buyers. 

1. Get the decorating right

The interior of the house is vital, so it's important the basic decorating inside the house allows prospective buyers to see the property's full potential.

Replacing garish colours with creams and beiges tends to open up the property, making it seem bright and airy. Bright and striking rooms do attract attention, but may turn buyers away. A more neutral approach will give them the feel of a blank canvas where they can make their own mark.

Similarly, large pieces of furniture can make rooms look cluttered. Space sells, and the fewer items you have in the house, the more spacious it will look.

2. Marketing is key

As much as the interior of your house is important, you can't sell a home if no one comes to see it. Make sure your property is listed with a Zoopla-affiliated estate agent so it will be viewed by every prospective buyer looking in your location.

Once they click on the listing, you want to be sure it is accurately and comprehensively described and properly photographed in order that people can get a thorough idea of what they are coming to see. The more they know, the more likely they'll book a viewing and the property will meet expectations when they arrive.

3. Kerb appeal

We all know the importance of first impressions and it's no different when you are selling your house. The first impression people get will be all-important.

Make sure your garden is clean, tidy and well pruned. Fences should always be in a good state of repair, and a fresh lick of paint often wouldn't go amiss.

Keep tabs on the rubbish too, making sure it's kept tidy and contained. Anything out of place can be a negative in the eyes of buyers, and it is important to minimise these to increase the chances of selling.

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