The top 20 features renters look for in a home

The way many of us use our homes has changed a lot this year. Our houses have become everything, from our offices, to our gyms, to where we (virtually) socialise with all our friends. 

And with rental demand up by 20% between 2019 and 2020, we wanted to know what renters are really after for their next home. To do this, we looked at the most common terms people used in our keyword search tool, between July and September 2020.

A static graphic that reveals what features renters look for in a property.

Our data from across the UK shows that a garden tops the list as one of the most desirable features for a rental home. This is perhaps unsurprising given that many of us have been confined to our homes for most of this year. 

This is followed by wanting parking or a garage. Without being able to venture beyond their local areas, renters are no doubt looking for a safe place to park their cars. Of course, there’s also the extra space you get from a garage too, maybe for that new home gym equipment…

But aside from gardens, parking spaces, and garages, what else are Brits searching for in their rental homes?

Top 20 most searched rental features

A static image that shows the most searched for rental features

Balcony comes in as the fourth most used search term. Often as a compromise for that much-coveted outdoor space you may not get with a flat or maisonette. 

Next on the list are pet-friendly properties. Other popular features include rooms with an en-suite, bills included in the rental price, and a fully furnished property. 

Again reflective of the past year, many are searching for properties that are rural and secluded. With working from home removing the daily commute, a countryside setting is calling many away from the cities and the suburbs too. 

Advanced search lets you customise your search to include your must-have features in your next rental property. 

Adding quotation marks to a search term that includes more than one word (such as “double garage”) will bring up results with those features. So you should only see properties that tick all your boxes. You can also exclude certain results when you use the minus key before your chosen search term.

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Our methodology: We collected data from the period 26 July to 25 September 2020 from the keyword search tool on the rental page. The ranking is based on the number of keyword mentions. For example, if the user typed “garage and garden”, we split the search string and counted garage and garden separately. All data is available on request.