Meet the team

Say hello to the award-winning journalists providing our latest property news, advice and guides for buyers, sellers and renters.

  1. Daniel Copley

    A consumer expert at Zoopla, Daniel is an editor with over 10 years experience in the property, lifestyle and fashion sectors.  Having worked for brands such as…

  2. Ellie Isaac

    Senior Editor

    Ellie is a content writer with a background in residential and commercial property. She’s written for property publications and estate agencies across the UK,…

  3. Home Truths Sleuths

    The Home Truths detectives, opening the door on real-life stories taking place in today's property market. We talk to homeowners and renters as they spill the…

  4. Izabella Lubowiecka

    Senior Property Researcher

    Izabella is a senior property researcher at Zoopla with more than 5 years of experience in residential property.

  5. Laura Howard

    Laura is Zoopla's former content editor and the author of two financial self-help books.

  6. Nic Hopkirk

    Senior Editor

    Nic is a lifestyle writer and editor who has written for the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Time Inc and Marks & Spencer. A former managing editor for Microsoft,…

  7. Property News Team

    Our team of journalists and editors have worked on a variety of newspapers and websites, ranging from Estates Gazette to the Guardian, The Daily…

  8. Richard Donnell

    Executive Director - Research


    Richard heads up the Research and Insight team at Zoopla. He and his team harness our rich data to help you get to grips with your home, your move and the most…