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Family homes: where to find the most space for your money

Searching for a home with more space? Use our handy tool to find out what your budget could get you in different areas of the UK.

Words by: Ellie Isaac

Senior Editor

Lots of us have been rethinking our homes and lifestyles since the pandemic. 

With home working at an all-time high, it’s no wonder we’re all looking around and wondering if we could get more space for our money.

And if you’re searching for a roomier home, you might well be wondering what you can afford and where.

It can be helpful to look at the price per square foot. This helps you compare the cost of homes without making adjustments for different sizes of properties.

So we’ve crunched the data to find where you might want to focus your property search if space is top of your wishlist.

Where to find the most space for your money

At a regional level, the North East tops the ranking of floor space for money.

The average price per square foot in the region comes in at £141, well under the national average of £270 per square foot.

Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire and the Humber, and the North West all offer good value for money too, coming in under the £200 per square foot mark.

At the other end of the scale, it's the southern regions of England where you'll get the least space for your money.

London's price per square foot is an eye-watering £582, while the East of England and the South East both top £300 per square foot.

AreaPrice per square foot
North East£141
Yorkshire and the Humber£187
North West£197
East Midlands£216
West Midlands£224
South West£291
Eastern England£336
South East£370
Zoopla - February to July 2022

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Compare the size and price of homes across the UK

There’s a huge difference in house prices across the UK, even between different local authority areas.

So go a step further and compare the price of floorspace in local markets.

Use our handy tool to see where you could buy a house for your budget.

The top 20 most affordable areas per square foot

When we zoom into local authorities areas, Hartlepool is the cheapest place to buy a house per square foot.

Several areas in the southeast of Scotland feature in our most affordable areas by square foot, along with places like Hartlepool, County Durham and Middlesborough in the North West.

A few spots in Wales are also still affordable when you look at the cost per square foot, including Blaenau Gwent, Merthyr Tudfil and Neath Port Talbot.

Local authority areaCost per square foot
Na h-Eileanan an Iar£109
East Ayrshire£115
Blaenau Gwent£119
County Durham£121
North Ayrshire£121
Dumfries and Galloway£127
Merthyr Tudfil£130
Kingston upon Hull£130
North East Lincolnshire£131
Castell-nedd Port Talbot£135
Blackburn with Darwen£136
Zoopla - February to July 2022

How much space you can get for £5,000 across the UK

So, how does it all add up when you're looking at a home?

It can help to compare the amount of space you'll get for a certain amount of money.

You can see the big difference between the North East, where you'll get 36 square feet for £5,000, and London, where you get just 9 square feet for that price.

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