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  1. Ruth Stone is a Strategic Communications Project Manager at Crisis and her role is all about helping people understand the realities of homelessness. Here, she shares 4 things you might not know about homelessness.

  2. At the beginning of 2023, commentators predicted home values would plummet by as much as 10% over the course of the year. Here’s what actually happened.

  3. House price falls are slowing as more sales are being agreed in the first weeks of 2024. Get the latest on property prices and market trends with our House Price Index for January 2024.

  4. 2024 kicked off with a flurry of buyers returning to market and a rebound in sales market activity. But sellers will still need to be realistic on pricing, warns our Executive Director of Research, Richard Donnell.

  5. If you’re planning to buy or sell a home in 2024, what should you do? Our Executive Director of Research, Richard Donnell, shares his UK house prices forecast.