Could you spot Japanese Knotweed in your garden?

Could you spot Japanese Knotweed in your garden?

By Property News Team

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You might be aware of the threat of Japanese Knotweed - and worried about its impact - but could you actually tell it apart from other plants? Our quiz is here to help.

Japanese Knotweed is a menace. It can cause structural damage to homes, push through drains and cause cracks in your driveway.

Growing by up to 10cm per day during the summer, it costs £166m a year to treat in the UK and could even stop you gaining a mortgage on a potential home.

In fact, it’s been deemed such a nuisance that in a landmark ruling earlier this week said two homeowners in Wales were free to claim against Network Rail for letting the plant encroach too near their land.

But despite this, fewer than one in five of us can correctly identify Japanese Knotweed, Environet found.

The environmental group commissioned research asking which of five plants, also including Bindweed and Ivy, was Japanese Knotweed.

We’ve set you the same task, below. Can you spot the Japanese Knotweed? Or do you need to scrub up on your shrubs?

There is also a lack of awareness around the legal responsibility of homeowners to prevent the weed from spreading, with only 36% knowing they could be sued and just 18% aware they could face prosecution.

If you're still in doubt after the quiz, Environet offers a free Japanese Knotweed identification service where homeowners can send a photograph for review at

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