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  1. Demand for homes up 11% as buyers and sellers return to market in growing numbers, boosting sales. Our Executive Director of Research, Richard Donnell, has the latest.

  2. At the beginning of 2023, commentators predicted home values would plummet by as much as 10% over the course of the year. Here’s what actually happened.

  3. 2024 kicked off with a flurry of buyers returning to market and a rebound in sales market activity. But sellers will still need to be realistic on pricing, warns our Executive Director of Research, Richard Donnell.

  4. If you’re planning to buy or sell a home in 2024, what should you do? Our Executive Director of Research, Richard Donnell, shares his UK house prices forecast.

  5. The first full week back after the new year has seen buyer interest jump out of the blocks faster than last year as mortgage rates drop. Get the latest with Richard Donnell. 

  6. Buyers and sellers are becoming more aligned on pricing, reducing the downward pressure on house prices and falls are starting to moderate.

  7. There are signs that the UK rental market will turn in 2024. Rents are reaching the maximum affordable price and rental demand is starting to slow.